Frequently Asked Questions

(For additional FAQ, click the “Support” tab on the Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert Service sign-up page.)

Who can get Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alerts?

The Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert Service is a new notification system that enables Lafayette students, faculty, parents, and staff to receive alerts on their cell phones in the event of an emergency on or close to campus.

How many Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alerts will I receive?

Use of the system is reserved for crisis situations that involve imminent danger or events that impact a significant portion of the campus population. When the system is used, the same alert(s) will be sent simultaneously to all students, faculty, and staff who have signed up. These situations should be very infrequent. You will receive messages within seconds of their transmission. If your cell phone is turned off when a text message is sent, you will receive it after you turn your cell phone on, but only if you do so within seven days of the original transmission.

What will a Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert tell me?

A short text message will describe the situation and indicate suggested action. Because the messages must be brief, you will be directed to go to the College’s website (, where details will be available.

What do I need to get Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alerts, and how much does it cost?

All you need is a cell phone with text-messaging capabilities. There is no charge to users for signing up. Individual cell phone plans will apply normal charges for text messages.

Will my cell phone number be kept confidential?

Yes. Cell phone numbers gathered in the process are not shared or sold to any other systems or services.

What if I do not have a cell phone?

You can sign up to receive email emergency alerts.

What if I am not able to register?

For registration assistance, email your mobile phone number and the name of your provider to Indicate you want to register for the Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert Service.

What if I do not receive/enter the 4-digit validation code?

If you do not enter the 4-digit validation code, an account is created but you will not receive alerts. To receive alerts, you must login and revalidate your phone. If you do not receive the code, please contact support (see previous question).

Can I opt out of Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alerts?

You can opt out (discontinue) at any time just as quickly and easily as you signed up. Login to your Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alerts account for detailed instructions.