Alert System

The College has an outdoor alert system that will allow a siren to be sounded and voice messages (both live and prerecorded) to be broadcast in the event of an emergency on or near campus. The outdoor alert system augments the Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert Service, which enables students, faculty, and staff who have signed up for the service to receive text alerts on their cell phones and by email in an emergency situation.

The outdoor alert system is a significant addition to our existing methods for communicating with the campus in situations that impact public safety and is part of an ongoing process to ensure a safe and healthy campus environment at Lafayette. The outdoor alert system and e2Campus Emergency Alert Service are components in a comprehensive incident action plan. This plan is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis and includes protocols for insuring the safety of the campus community in the event of emergencies of all kinds.

As a reminder, the Lafayette e2Campus Emergency Alert Service permits College administrators to send a brief alert via text message and email to all students, faculty, and staff who have signed up for the service. All students, faculty, and staff are urged to sign up.

The outdoor alert system will be used to notify the campus community that an emergency exists and that people can and should check for e2Campus text and email messages containing more information about the situation.

Click here to listen to our siren.