Dear Lafayette Community:

This academic year we will be undertaking a campaign to promote the many ongoing steps we take to promote campus safety, as well as highlight how you can help keep our community secure. We believe this initiative is especially timely given the incident that occurred last May, when an unsubstantiated threat to the campus was posted on social media. The investigation into that threat remains open and we continue to work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies.

One concern expressed last May involved the nature and timing of communications from the College. Over the summer, we reviewed our emergency communication processes. While emergency communications are often dictated by first-responder agencies’ determination of what can and should be shared to promote safety, we recognize that such communications are best understood in the context of shared understanding of what and how the College will communicate in an emergency.

Taking the following steps will ensure that you receive important information promptly.

Prior to an emergency (i.e., NOW):

During and after an emergency:

  • Cooperate with law enforcement, other first-responder agencies and College officials.
  • If you receive instructions via Leopard Alerts, follow them immediately.
    • A Leopard Alert will be sent only if we need you to take an action.
  • Check your email and our social media accounts, or visit our webpage, for reliable information.
    • Every Leopard Alert will also be shared through these channels.
    • These channels may include information that goes beyond directions in a Leopard Alert.
  • If you hear one of the sirens affixed atop Skillman Library and Kirby Sports Center, check for emergency alerts and check your email.

Our campus police officers are well trained and receive annual training updates that exceed what is required by law. In the event of a situation that creates an imminent threat to our campus, the Director of Public Safety and members of the Lafayette Police Department are fully empowered to take the steps necessary to ensure the safety of the community. Our close relationships with the Easton Police Department and other agencies ensure that when a multi-agency response is under way, we operate under a unified command structure that enables full interagency communication.

Please know that emergency preparedness is an essential planning function that we undertake and continuously assess as an institution, as do college campuses across the nation. Remember, we all play a role in creating safer communities together! If you “Spot Something, Say Something” by calling Public Safety’s emergency number, 610-330-4444.

Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions.

Jeffrey Troxell
Director, Public Safety

Annette Diorio
Vice President, Campus Life