The purpose of these guidelines is to briefly outline emergency procedures and safety information for faculty, students and staff to follow in the event of an emergency.

Any emergency warrants a call to Public Safety, (610) 330-4444, even if you think another person may have called. Specify whether you need fire, medical, or police/security assistance.

When calling Public Safety, (610) 330-4444, have the following information available:

  • building name
  • room number
  • type of emergency (fire, injury, chemical release, or police/security)

Know the locations of:

  • exits
  • fire extinguisher(s)
  • pull stations (primarily near exits)
  • telephone(s), emergency “blue light” phones
  • emergency on/off switches (if applicable)
  • emergency eyewash stations and safety shower (if applicable).


In case of fire:

  • Sound the alarm manually if it has not already been activated.
  • Call Public Safety (610) 330-4444.
  • Use the nearest fire extinguisher if you are trained and competent in the use of an extinguisher and if the fire can be controlled or extinguished with this method. If you choose to fight the fire, do so without putting yourself or anyone else at risk, and keep yourself between the exit and the fire.
  • The activation of a pull station should be followed with a call to Public Safety (610) 330-4444 from a safe location.

If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Stop what you are doing.
  • Secure any dangerous activity.
  • Assist persons with special exiting needs.
  • Leave the building immediately by the nearest and safest exit; do not use the elevators.
  • Do not re-enter the building if the alarm stops; wait until the “all clear” has been given by the local fire department or Public Safety.

If inside resident hall room:

  • Feel door – if warm remain in room; seal door with wet towels and call for help (610) 330-4444 or 9 for outside line, then 9-1-1).
  • If door is cool leave room – close windows and room door and use an emergency exit.
  • Always use the stairs (not elevator).
  • In case of smoke or heat, crawl on hands and knees.
  • If the alarm is not sounding, pull a fire-box.
  • Never ignore a fire alarm; leave the building immediately.
  • Keep calm.
  • Report the fire to Public Safety and Easton Fire Department.

Please do not misuse or abuse fire safety equipment. Such apparatus may save a life.


If the emergency involves an unconscious or injured person:

  • Ensure there is no danger to yourself or the victim.
  • Do not move the victim unless his/her life is endangered by staying in the current location.
  • Call Public Safety (610) 330-4444 and remain with victim until help arrives.


If the emergency involves police/security issues:

  • Ensure you are in a safe location.
  • Call Public Safety (610) 330-4444.
  • Advise Public Safety of the type of emergency/crime.
  • Inform Public Safety of suspect(s)/vehicle(s) description and location (if known).
  • Follow instructions given by Public Safety dispatch.
  • Refer to Active Shooter Survival Tips (if applicable), located on the Public Safety web site.

Report the events of the emergency to your supervisor or department head as soon as you can do so safely. For additional information, contact Public Safety at the non-emergency number (610) 330-5330.