Evacuate means to exit a building using the nearest available exit, reporting to the buildings pre-determined meeting area and following further instructions from college officials or campus safety.  Emergencies such as an indoor hazardous material spill or release, fire, natural gas leak, or bomb threat will trigger an evacuate command.

Evacuation of campus facilities will be determined based on the magnitude and urgency of the incident. When evacuation is determined to be necessary, public safety officers assisted by other campus officials will facilitate an orderly evacuation of the affected building(s) and provide assistance to students, faculty and staff. To accomplish a building evacuation, the building fire alarm system may be utilized. If evacuation is called for in regard to a specific building, students, staff and faculty will be advised what location they should evacuate to. A complete evacuation of campus would require all campus occupants to leave campus by shuttle bus, private vehicles, and by foot in an extreme emergency situation.