Pest Management Coordination

Environmental, Health and Safety provides oversight for the prevention and elimination of pests on campus, helping to enhance the living and working conditions for all members of the campus community. Our goal is to ensure that requests for assistance are addressed in a timely fashion through our licensed vendors.

EHS works with facilities operations, residence life, building occupants and pest control vendors to help facilitate a quick and effective response to campus vertebrate, insect and other arthropod pest issues. EHS is available to assist in responding to pest-related complaints, and will coordinate with appropriate pest control resources to address any issues, including bats, bed bugs, mice and/or other wildlife.

bat protocol

If a bat is identified inside of an occupied space on campus, the resident or occupant should contact the Public Safety dispatcher (x5330).

EHS has developed a documented Protocol for Responding to Bats in Buildings, which provides guidance on the step-by-step process to assess and address the complaint.

bed bug program

All initial concerns regarding bed bugs should be reported to Facilities Operations immediately (including nights and weekends). Students can report to Residence life staff or Public Safety staff, who will then engage Facilities Operations.

EHS has developed a documented Bed Bug Response Procedures, which provides guidance on the step-by-step process to assess and address the complaint.

other wildlife concerns

Contact Public Safety with concerns about any other insect or wildlife concerns of note, including, but not limited to: bees/wasps, mice, raccoons, skunks, etc.

EHS will coordinate with local animal control agents, pest control vendors, and Facilities Operations, as needed, to assess the complaint and coordinate responses to eliminate the issue.