Confined Space Entry Program

The purpose of this program is to protect Lafayette College employees and outside contractors form the hazards of entry into permit-required confined spaces on campus. The Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Permit-required Confined Space Standard, 29 CFR 1910.146.

The Confined Space Entry Program describes in detail the required practices and procedures that must take place prior to entering a permit-required confined space.


The Plan outlines the responsibilities of various roles within the program, including EHS, Department Heads, Supervisors, Individuals Authorizing Entry, Authorized Entrants, and Attendants.

confined space entry procedure

The Plan describes in detail the various steps of the procedure for entering a confined space:

  • Contact the appropriate supervisor to inform them of needing access to a confined space. A list of confined spaces on campus is included in Appendix C of the Plan.
  • The supervisor or a person trained as an Individual Authorizing Entry will complete the Pre-Entry Checklist (Appendix A of the Plan).
  • If the conditions of the Pre-Entry Checklist are met, the space can be reclassified as a “non-permit” confined space and entry is permitted. An attendant is not required for a “non-permit” confined space. The completed checklist must remain at the site until work is complete.
  • If the conditions of the Pre-Entry Checklist are not met, the space remains classified as a “permit-required” confined space. The Individual Authorizing Entry will notify their supervisor and EHS, and complete a Confined Space Entry Permit (Appendix B of the Plan).
  • Prior to approving entry, the supervisor and EHS will review entry procedures and coordinate with emergency responders, including Lafayette College Public Safety and the Easton Fire Department.