Hot Work Permit Program

The purpose of the Hot Work Permit Program is to protect Lafayette college employees, contractors, and the campus community against fire from welding and other hot work in hazardous areas. The program was developed in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) general requirements for welding, cutting and brazing, 29 CFR 1910.252.


A hot work permit shall be used whenever work involves an actual or possible source of ignition; or may cause the activation of a fire alarm system; or may cause occupants of a building or area to contact emergency personnel to report the smell of smoke, heat, etc.


Department Heads must ensure that appropriate supervisors and employees are trained and knowledgeable; be familiar with and follow the requirements of this program; hold appropriate supervisors accountable for following these procedures; select contractors to perform cutting or welding who have suitably trained personnel; advise all contractors about flammable materials or hazardous conditions of which they may not be aware; ensure that only approved equipment be used; and establish approved areas for cutting and welding or establish procedures for cutting and welding.

EHS will review and update the Hot Work Permit Program annually, and assist in training employees to ensure that the purpose and functions of the program are understood and utilized.

Supervisors must ensure that all employees are trained and knowledgeable in the safe application of this program; document training, retaining a copy for their records, and forwarding the original to EHS; maintain and calibrate atmospheric testing equipment; test and approve the atmosphere prior to approving hot work; ensure that fire protection and extinguishing equipment are properly located at the site; follow the requirements of the program when issuing Hot Work Permits; determine the combustible materials and hazardous areas present in the work location; protect combustibles from ignition; assign a firewatcher; and authorize hot work through the use of a Hot Work Permit.

Cutter or Welder will attend training as required; handle equipment safely and use it so as not to endanger lives and property; obtain approval from supervisor before starting to cut or weld; cut or weld only where conditions are safe; continue to cut or weld only so long as conditions are unchanged; wear and maintain appropriate PPE; and use permanent or portable screens if necessary.

Fire Watcher must obtain the proper type of extinguisher and maintain it at the worksite; be knowledgeable in the proper use of the extinguisher; utilize fire blankets or similar means of protection if needed; and remain on duty for at least 30 minutes after the hot work ceases if the work involves welding or cutting over steel floors or deck plates inside a building.

The Hot Work Permit Program describes in detail the following:

  • General Requirements;
  • Permissible Areas;
  • Prohibited Areas;
  • Permit Cancellation; and
  • Procedures for Issuing a Permit.

  • Appendix A: Pre-Hot Work Permit Checklist
  • Appendix B: Hot Work Permit
  • Appendix C: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements