Lafayette College Department of Public Safety conducts fire drills and tabletop exercises for academic and residential buildings on a regular basis.

  • Fire Exit Drills help employees and students review exit plans and safety precautions in the case of a fire.
  • Tabletop Exercises are designed to help an organization test a hypothetical situation, such as a natural or man-made disaster, and evaluate the group’s ability to cooperate and work together, as well as test their readiness to respond.

The Department of Public Safety also conducts field exercises, including campus-wide building lockdown drills and tests of the emergency notification systems. Each test is documented to include a description of the exercise, the date the test was held, the time the test started and ended, and whether the test was announced or unannounced.

The tests include follow-through activities designed to review the test. These tests are designed to assess and evaluate the College’s emergency plans and capabilities. Department of Public Safety police officers and supervisors are trained in incident command and responding to critical incidents on campus.