Laboratory Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for Laboratory Safety, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Laboratory Standard, have been developed and published as the College’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.

As written in the CHP, Environmental, Health & Safety acts as an advisory capacity to individual departments to assist in maintaining compliance with the CHP.  EHS evaluates and implements safety policies, such as the CHP, and reviews new and existing equipment and operating practices to minimize hazards. EHS reviews accident investigations and suggests remedial measures and procedures.

laboratory safety services

EHS is available at any time to consult on laboratory safety topics that may not be covered in the CHP, or where further research is needed to identify safe work practices.

EHS is available to conduct independent safety inspections of laboratory spaces, or to assist department chemical hygiene officers in laboratory safety walk-throughs.

Contact EHS for additional information, or to set up an appointment for a laboratory safety consultation or inspection.

laboratory safety training

EHS offers an online training program which is meant to be a broad overview of laboratory safety.  Professors, research advisers and/or lab instructors are responsible for providing students with detailed training about the specific chemicals, equipment, and procedures for work or research assignments in the lab.

After completing the training, contact Matt Hammerstone or Christine Oliver, who will confirm your passing score and notify your supervisor or professor that you have completed the program.