Lighting Surveys

Lafayette College relies on the standards and recommendations of the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) in evaluating lighting quality in various campus spaces, including walkways, parking lots and interior work spaces.

Adequate lighting along walking paths and in parking lots is important for both pedestrian safety and maintaining awareness of surroundings in the dark. Lighting quality also plays a factor in workstation ergonomics.

Contact EHS if there is an area of campus that you feel needs to be evaluated for proper lighting.

lighting survey process

EHS conducts an inspection of areas reported to have inadequate lighting to identify any lighting fixtures that may need repairs. If all existing lighting fixtures are working properly, EHS measures the illumination of the affected area and compares the results to the illumination standards published by IES.

Results of the lighting surveys are documented in correspondence to the reporting party, and requests for additional lighting are submitted to Facilities Operations if the survey reveals inadequate lighting in the surveyed location.