Driver Approval Process:

Currently enrolled students, employees, subcontractors and volunteers seeking approval to operate a College-owned or rented vehicle will only be added to the approved driver list after meeting the following requirements:

  1. Possess a valid domestic driver’s license
  2. Have at least one year of driving experience in the United States. Exemptions to this are listed in sections II.a.2 and III.a.2 of the Transportation Procedures.
  3. Review the College’s Transportation Procedures, especially the Driver Approval sections on pages 5-8 to determine eligibility.
  4. Complete and submit a Driver Approval Request Form. Students be sure to sign and have your student group Advisor or Department Head sign the form before forwarding it to Public Safety, 901 Bushkill Drive – Room 105.
  5. Complete basic and specialized (passenger van) driver training.
  6. Notify Public Safety if you will be driving a passenger van with 15 or more seating at Public Safety Environmental Health and Safety at
  7. First year students may operate college owned vehicles.

Basic Training – required for student drivers only.

  1. Review the Driving Information for Students.
  2. Complete the Student Driver Quiz at

Specialized Training

Additional training is required when requesting to operate any of the large vehicles listed below. Contact Public Safety Environmental Health and Safety at to schedule training date/time.

Students may only operate the following large vehicles after completing basic and specialized training:

  • Twelve passenger vans – under special restrictions (Transportation Procedures – section E.2).

Employees, Subcontractors and Volunteers requesting to operate the following vehicles need to complete specialized training:

  • Twelve passenger vans
  • Fifteen passenger vans
  • Sport utility vehicles
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Vehicles towing trailers
  • Vehicles transporting hazardous cargo
  • Vehicles encountering special hazards on particular routes

Student Car Rental

Once you have been designated an Approved Driver, you may be authorized to rent a vehicle through the College’s car rental program for certain student group or academic purposes. If so, please read the Student Car Rental Policy completely. The College has contracted pricing through Enterprise Car Rentals. To find out about availability and price, you may contact Enterprise at (610) 253-7599. Prior to each rental, the Enterprise Rental Car Authorization Form for Student Drivers must be completed with the account to be charged and signed by the Office of Student Life Programs (for student organization activities) or by an academic Department Head (for academic activities). All the information on the form is required including dates of rental and return and drivers’ names. Student Life or the academic department will send the form to the Purchasing Office so approval can be given to Enterprise to release the vehicle. Enterprise will not release the vehicle until the form is received in Purchasing.

Use of College-Owned Motor Pool Vehicles

Once you have been authorized as an Approved Driver, contact the reservation coordinator in the respective department to reserve vehicles for College related use.