The Department of Public Safety encourages all members of the campus community to report crimes to campus police on a timely basis. However, under the Clery Act, Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are required to report Clery Act qualifying crimes which occurred on campus, in certain non-campus buildings owned or controlled (leased) by the College and in public areas near campus. CSAs should only report those crimes that have not been previously reported to College Police or another College CSA.

The intent of including non-law enforcement personnel in the CSA role is to acknowledge that some community members and students, in particular, may be more likely to report incidents to other College partners who the person involved knows and trusts.

Who are Campus Security Authorities?

  • Officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities (i.e. Resident Advisers, Coaches and other Athletic Division Officials, Sports Club Coaches, Student Club Advisers, certain College administrators, Dean of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs, Faculty who reside in residence halls, Residence Life Staff)
  • A campus police or security department
  • Individuals who have responsibility for campus security
  • Individuals or offices designated to receive crime reports

CSA Responsibilities

  • If someone tells you about a crime or an incident that might be a crime, you must report it to your institution’s designated office or an official responsible for collecting Clery report information.
  • Share the information as related by the person.
  • When in doubt, report.
  • Tell the person who disclosed the crime to you that you must share the information.
  • Help connect the person to available options and resources within the institution.

Information to Share

  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Date and time the incident was reported to you
  • Description of the nature of the incident
  • Identities of individuals involved, including known suspects and witnesses (although not required)

Campus Contacts

  • Clery Contact:  Jeff Troxell, Director of Public Safety (610) 330-5330
  • Campus Police: Jim Meyer, Associate Director and Chief of Police (610) 330-5330

CSA Reporting Form

If the reporting party wants the Department of Public Safety (DPS) contacted, the CSA should contact DPS and if the CSA can verify that Lafayette College police responded and completed a police report, then it is not necessary for the CSA to  complete and submit this form.  However, if the CSA can’t verify that campus police responded and took a report, then the CSA must complete and submit this form.

When in doubt, a Campus Security Authority Reporting Form should be completed and submitted.