The purpose of the Lafayette College Safety Committee is to provide an avenue for all employees to contribute to workplace safety to achieve and maintain a safe and healthful working environment.


The goal of the Safety Committee is to eliminate workplace incidents and illnesses by involving employees and management in identifying hazards and suggesting ways to eliminate and prevent them from occurring. This can be facilitated by reviewing incidents, identifying root causes of incidents, and suggesting ways to prevent future incidents.


  1. Provide measures for employee involvement in achieving a safe and healthful working environment.
  2. Promptly review all safety-related incidents, injuries, accidents, illnesses and near-misses.
  3. Conduct monthly, or as-needed, workplace inspections, identify hazards and recommend methods for eliminating or controlling hazards. Establish procedures to ensure follow-up and closure for all reported hazards.
  4. Annually evaluate all workplace safety and health programs and recommend improvements to management.


The Safety Committee has members representing employees and the employer. The committee is comprised of at least four members at all times and shall not contain more employer representatives than employee representatives at any time.

Employee representatives can volunteer for committee service or be elected by their peers. Employee representatives serve a continuous term of at least one year.

Employer representatives can be appointed by the employer, and can be rotated onto the committee as business needs dictate.

Employer Representatives
Sandra Rogers (Chair) Assistant Director of Public Safety
Karen Howell Associate Director of Recreation Services
Don Brinker Supervisor, Mechanical Trades
Grace Reynolds Director of Residence Life
Cristie Lazart Assistant Director of Human Resources/Benefits
Employee Representatives
Cindy Pursel (Vice Chair) Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist
Bob Meyer Manager of Off-Campus Properties
Justin Kutzman Custodian
Brittany Clouser Lab Specialist, Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Nate Breiner General Trades, Locksmith

Recent Committee Minutes

  • On April 12, the Committee met via Google Meet, with several members attending in person. The committee reviewed and discussed existing business: workshop and storage activities within the basement of 421 Hamilton Street. The basement area can be used for storage and as a temporary workshop; however, must be restricted from student access. One injury was reported and 15 buildings were inspected. The committee discussed the circumstances of the injury and the findings of the building inspections, as well as corrective measures. Old business discussed by the committee included McCartney and Clinton curbs painted, surplus pandemic supplies cannot be donated to outside organizations. New business brought to the committee included contractor slip/fall incidents reported at Farinon and College policy regarding non-emergency transportation for injured students. Full Minutes
  • On March 8, the Committee met via Google Meet, with several members attending in person. The committee reviewed existing business: use of the basement in 421 Hamilton Street as a workshop. Code requirements will be reviewed to determine whether the usage of the basement is appropriate. Two injuries were reported and the committee discussed the circumstances of the injuries and potential prevention measures. Two buildings were inspected and the committee discussed the safety concerns identified. New business discussed by the committee included parking/visibility at McCartney St & Clinton Terr., glucose tubes and diabetic emergencies, occupancy concerns at 100 Nights event, rainfall drainage at new Markle Deck, and surplus pandemic supplies. Full Minutes
  • All Safety Committee MinutesĀ