Timely reporting

Employees who have experienced a work-related injury must report it to their supervisor by the end of their shift.

Injuries must be reported within twenty-four hours to the College’s worker’s compensation carrier.  Supervisors should direct injured employees to complete a First Report of Injury notification at the Public Safety office – 901 Bushkill Drive, or at the HR Office – Markle Hall Room 12.

Injured employees will receive a Designated Physician’s Panel List and will complete a Medical Records Release form, and Employee Rights & Duties form, and a Medical Treatment for Injury form.

Injury investigation

Supervisors are responsible for completing a “Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report” within three days of the injury.  The intent of the investigation is to determine the root cause of the incident and implement practical solutions to help prevent recurrence.

Resources for conducting effective accident investigations.

Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report

  1. Complete the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report.
  2. Contact Public Safety’s Environmental, Health and Safety Division at (610) 330-5330 if you need assistance in completing the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report.
  3. If needed, contact Human Resources at (610) 330-5060 for a copy of the First Report of Injury.