EHS develops, implements, and maintains a comprehensive risk management program. Various standard operating procedures provide guidelines to reduce worker injuries, liability, property damage and ensure an overall safe working and learning environment for faculty, staff and students.

The department is tasked with performing  studies, evaluating existing projects, sharing information, and providing training to enforce regulations related to worker safety, public health and environmental impacts.

Risk Control

EHS works to anticipate and eliminate preventable work-related injuries whenever possible. In support of that mission, EHS does the following:

  • Stays up-to-date on applicable regulations and provides guidance and training to ensure compliance;
  • Coordinates with construction teams during campus renovation and new construction projects;
  • Conducts Job Hazard Analyses and/or work area Safety Audits, upon request, to provide guidance on safety procedures;
  • Conducts Laboratory Safety inspections, upon request, to provide guidance on lab safety initiatives and infrastructure; and
  • Assists any department who has questions or requires guidance on safety, health or environmental concerns – contact EHS if you have such a need.

Workers’ Compensation

In the unfortunate event of a worker injury, follow the Work Related Injury Procedures. Each injury incident must be reported to your supervisor, as well as to EHS and/or Human Resources, so that a workers’ compensation insurance claim can be initiated.

Your supervisor, with the assistance of EHS, will conduct an Accident Investigation, which is reviewed monthly by the Safety Committee, to determine if any special recommendations are necessary to prevent future incidents.

A representative from EHS and/or HR will keep in touch with you throughout your injury recovery to ensure you are receiving adequate medical care and that the insurance claim is on track as you recover. EHS/HR and your Supervisor will work with you regarding any work restrictions and/or time away from work that is necessary.