City of Easton Residential Permit Parking (RPP)

Off-campus students must register your motor vehicle online with the Department of Public Safety before registering with Easton Police Departments Traffic Division.

Students with an off campus permit will not have the privilege of driving to the campus and parking on campus lots.

City of Easton, Traffic Division
48 North 4th Street
Easton, PA 18042
Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
(610) 250-6642 or 6643

Students will be required to present a valid driver’s license and motor vehicle registration to obtain a RPP permit.

Area Covered

College Hill—all streets within an area bordered by Bushkill Drive, Lafayette Street, Pardee Street, Chestnut Terrace, Knox Avenue, Cattell Street, Paxinosa Avenue, High Street, Reeder Street, Clinton Terrace, and College Avenue, including both sides of the border streets.

City Enforcement

The city will write tickets seven days a week, excluding May 30–Aug. 01.

Permit Costs and Display

One permit per vehicle is free; additional vehicles are not allowed.  Student permits are valid July 1 –June 30, permit to be displayed on the left rear of bumper or lower left corner of rear windshield glass. Place on the outside of window on glass. One permit will be issued per student. If you change cars for any reason, you must remove the permit from the car it was issued to originally and return it to the traffic division before another will be issued.

Guest Permits

Guest permits are not available for temporary permit holders.


$50 if ticket is paid within seven days; $75 for tickets over seven days old. Vehicles with three or more unpaid tickets and at least two tickets over seven days old may be immobilized (The Boot). Vehicles that are immobilized will be assessed a fee of $150, plus satisfaction of all unpaid penalties before their release. Upon immobilization a certified letter will be sent to the last registered owner informing him/her of the reason for the immobilization, and the process for release of the vehicle. Vehicles not released within 10 days of the date of the certified letter will be subject to towing and storage charges in addition to any other accrued fees and penalties.

Penalties may be waived for residents moving into the permit area within 10 days of their moving into the permit area providing they show proof of meeting the residency requirements on the date(s) of the violation(s) and obtain a valid permit.

Within the College Hill Residential Parking Permit Zone, a second Kirby Sports Center Limited Time Parking Zone also will be created. This zone will be an area bordered by Pierce Street, Pardee Street, McCartney Street, and Burke Street and will include the north side of Pierce Street from Pardee Street to McCartney Street and both sides of each of the three bordering streets. Vehicles parked within this zone will be limited to two-hour parking unless a valid residential parking permit is displayed on the vehicle. The 2:30–6:30 a.m. residential parking permit restrictions also will be applicable in this zone.