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$20   Parking Violations (General/Misc.)
$25   No Parking Zone (yellow)
$50   Red Tow-Away Zone + towing and daily storage costs
$50   Failure to Register or Display permit
$50   Careless/Reckless Driving
$100 Handicap Area
License Plate Trace (varies)


Public Safety is responsible for the enforcement of the Lafayette College Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations. Such enforcement is in effect 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

All persons operating motor vehicles on the campus are expected to cooperate with officers employed by the College whose duties include traffic and parking control.

Parking violation tickets will be issued to vehicles illegally or improperly parked. The owner/operator of a ticketed vehicle is responsible for its disposition as directed on the reverse side of the copy. Failure to comply with guidelines will result in disciplinary action taken; i.e., the withholding of grades or transcripts, denial of registration for classes, etc.

Any student who accumulates three or more tickets during any school year may be subject to having his/her vehicle towed by the Department of Public Safety. There will also be a fine. The vehicle will be towed to an off-campus impound yard. The vehicle owner will be responsible to pay towing fees plus daily impound storage fees to be determined by the private towing service that has towed and impounded the vehicle.

Additionally, there will be disciplinary referrals to the Assistant Dean of Students for:

  • Any student who is cited for parking on campus without having registered their vehicle
  • Any student who accumulates three or more unpaid tickets
  • Any student who is cited for illegally parking in a handicapped parking space two or more times.
  • When a student receives five or more tickets in a semester, the student and parents will be notified in writing.  If the student continues to incur parking violations after being notified in writing, the student will be referred to the Assistant Dean of Students for disciplinary action.  If the student subsequently receives additional tickets during that semester, parking privileges may be revoked for the following semester. Continuing to receive tickets after being revoked may result in immediate revocation of parking privileges and escalating probation.
  • If the student continues to receive tickets the student will be referred to the Assistant Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

Students who wish to appeal parking citations (tickets) must do so by appearing at the Department of Public Safety office or completing the online appeal form within five business days of the issuance of the citation. Failure to appeal the citation within the above time period may result in the loss of the right of appeal. All appeals must be filed prior to the start of the year-end finals. Note: Red Tow-Away Zone violations cannot be appealed.

Vehicles bearing state-issued handicapped license plates/hang-tags may use handicap spaces. Parking in a handicap parking space cannot be appealed unless the above criteria are met.

Unidentified violator’s vehicles license plates will be traced to determine ownership. Owners/drivers in violation will be contacted and held responsible for payments of initial fines and license plate tracing cost.

Tow-Away Policy: Vehicles parked in Red Tow-Away Zones will be ticketed and an automatic fine of $50, plus towing cost and daily storage cost will be assessed. Also, any vehicle that is parked in such a manner as to obstruct campus roadways or sidewalks may be towed. Any vehicle parked on campus in a manner that creates a hazard or impedes traffic flow may be towed at the discretion of the Public Safety office. Abandoned vehicles may be towed at the discretion of Public Safety. Owners/operators of illegally parked vehicles towed from the campus are responsible for the payment of towing fees and storage fees.

In the event your vehicle is towed from the campus, contact Public Safety to obtain information regarding its recovery. The tow-away policy is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The purpose of the Lafayette College Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations are to assure:

  • maximum safety and protection of life and property on Lafayette College roads and walkways;
  • maximum use of campus roadways and parking facilities for Lafayette College students, staff, and visitors; and
  • access to all parts of the campus for service and emergency vehicles.

The operation of motor vehicles on campus roadways and the registering of motor vehicles for the purpose of obtaining parking permits to park in College-controlled parking lots, are to be considered privileges and not rights of individuals.  Lafayette College reserves the right to deny or revoke such privileges at any time to any and all persons who fail to adhere to these regulations.

Vehicle Registration

All students who have possession of a motor vehicle while attending Lafayette must register that vehicle on-line with Public Safety within 24 business hours after arrival on campus regardless of where it will be parked. Having possession of a motor vehicle is interpreted as extending from the time the student arrives in the Easton area for the purpose of assuming student status until he or she legally becomes the responsibility of his or her parents or guardian after leaving the campus.

The fee charged for registration and a parking assignment on Lafayette College property is $450 per academic year. Based on availability, seniors and juniors will be assigned on-campus if your housing assignment is on campus.  Spaces are limited and parking is not guaranteed. Full-time commuting students are required to register and pay $450 per academic year.  Part-time commuting students must register their vehicle with Public Safety.  No registration fee is charged. Students residing one or more miles from the campus are considered commuting students.

Students residing in off-campus housing, either in College-owned or privately-owned apartments, may park on city streets only if they register their vehicles with the City of Easton, according to prescribed city guidelines. In addition, students must simultaneously register these motor vehicles with the Department of Public Safety. Campus registration fee is not charged to off-campus students; however, these students do not have the privilege of parking in on-campus lots between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or during restricted periods (e.g. football games, large campus-wide events).

Medical approvals shall be granted by the College physician for sophomore and first-year students seeking an on-campus parking space. Regular fees still apply.

Individually numbered parking stickers will be issued to each approved applicant. Stickers are to be affixed to the left section of the rear bumper. Replacement stickers will be issued free of charge. All parking stickers remain the property of Lafayette College. Acceptance of stickers from the College acknowledges an understanding of the Motor Vehicle Regulations and the registrant’s responsibility for adherence thereto.  No person shall falsely apply for a motor vehicle parking assignment at the College. Such a false application will be reported to the Assistant Dean of Students for further investigation and disciplinary action. Failure to register a motor vehicle at the College is a violation of College regulations for which there will be a fine (see fine schedule at top of page). Also, failure to display the College-issued parking sticker is also a violation of College regulations and will also result in a fine.

Students who are not eligible to bring motor vehicles to the Easton area will be subject to fines and disciplinary action if they bring motor vehicles to the area. Lafayette College remains free of all liability for loss of the vehicle registered and the loss of any of its contents and for damages to the vehicle except that caused by Lafayette College equipment under the direct control of Lafayette College agents and employees. All students will be held responsible for the violations of any vehicle registered to any members of their immediate families or their guests. Overnight visitors must obtain a free temporary permit from the Department of Public Safety. Daytime visitors may use Markle Parking Deck.


  • Parking assignments are enforced Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and each registrant is expected to park where he/she is assigned. If your assigned lot is full report the condition immediately to the Department of Public Safety. Two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicles may be parked only in specific parking areas on campus and may be driven only on specific campus roads.
  • At no time may vehicles be parked in unauthorized and prohibited areas such as Red Tow-Away Zones, Yellow No Parking Zones, on lawns and walkways, or in a manner that constitutes double parking, the blocking of walkways, roadways, or fire hydrants.
  • At no time may vehicles park in faculty residence spaces or handicap spaces without a proper handicap permit. Also, vehicles may not park in spaces reserved for the Bailey Health Center staff, as those areas are reserved at all times.
  • Lafayette College reserves the right to alter parking assignments on a permanent or temporary basis when new construction, major repairs, and emergency situations require such changes.
  • No persons shall abandon a motor vehicle of any kind on College property. Should any vehicle parked on campus become disabled, the owner/driver of that vehicle shall report the condition to the Department of Public Safety immediately. Vehicles requiring repairs shall be tended to by the owner/driver within 24 hours. Vehicles parked under the above-stated regulations for more than 48 hours will be towed away and stored at the expense of the owner/driver.